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Lighting Design


A home is created by the atmosphere, use clever lighting designs to create a magical space. 

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Full Home Audio

Choose from over 2000 internet radio stations and play them in any 

rooms of the house.

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Heating Integration


As a Nest Pro Company we can integrate your home heating to be as smart as you want.

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Full Home Wifi

We can install a full home Wifi service to create a secure wifi network that can be reached all over the house.

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Security Systems Integration


Do you have a security system? We can integrate your security system so that you have more control over your safety.

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Home Cinema Installation​


Design and construction done to make a perfect space for a nice space to sit and relax. 

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Blind / Curtain Automation

Have your blinds or curtains open at certain times, close when it get dark or even when you start a film, all without pressing a button

Home Automation

Home Automation

ShieldAV use a varied solution of Automation equipment to combine as much of your home equipment as possible into one single system. Our main source of control system is the reliable Control 4 system from the USA. 


Brands We Use..

As a company that prides itself on making your home or property the best place to spend your time we make sure the equipment we use inside your home are the best that be supplied. We have spent along time going through a lot of testing to make sure we provide what we think are the best. Below is a list of key companies we use. 




About Us...

Shield Audio Visual have been involved with smart homes for nearly 10 years. As a Control 4 registered dealer we have the expertise to integrate most of your services in your home into one single system. 
Why have multiple remote controls when one will do. 
Along with domestic properties, Shield Audio Visual can also offer automation services for the marine environment. A marine automation engineer can  install the same system that is available in your home.
All our systems can be programmed remotely so there are limited times an engineer should need to visit your home after the initial installation. All our systems are available with various levels of support. 
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